CVFR Payments (CP) is an independent company of CVFR Travel Group. Launched in 2020, CVFR Payments is a one stop shop payments solution tailored for Retailers, SMEs and E-commerce platforms.

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When it comes to payments, you should have the support of a provider that understands your industry and your Business' needs.

CVFR Payments offer payment solutions and integrations that power your business growth by improving efficiency and acceptance rates.

CVFR Payments

CVFR Paylink

Pay By Link

Embedded secure payment links for easy customer payments

CVFR Payments API


Seamlessly connect CVFR Payments to your current processing systems.

CVFR Physical Terminal

Physical Terminal

Physical EFTPOS terminal can be provided at no additional cost.

3D Secure Payment Authentication 

Reduce the risk of fraud & chargebacks on transactions with multi-factor authentication.

When 3DS enabled, the cardholder to is required confirm payment upon checkout, providing security for both parties, and evidence to support the business in the event of chargebacks.

Available on Virtual Terminal, Paylinks & supported mid-office systems.


Online Payments

CVFR Payment’s online Payments ecosystem includes tools to help you securely process payments when, where and how your customers choose to pay.

Virtual Terminal - process payments in your browser using card details provided by your customer.

Hosted Payments Page (HPP) - include a link on your invoice so customers can make a payment when it suits them.

Integrated Hosted Payments Page (iHPP) - enable your customers to make payments through your website.

eCommerce Payment Gateway Plugin - connect your eCommerce site to CVFR Payments in order to seamlessly process payments.


Benefits Of Online Payments


CVFR Payments

Improved acceptance rates

Fast, efficient and secure payment options allow you to take immediate payment from customers, however they choose to pay.

CVFR Payments

Real-time transaction status

Know when funds will arrive with real-time transaction status and reporting


Booking information on receipts

Include customer reference numbers and sales notes on your receipts for improved reconciliation with your accounting software or mid-office system


Competitive card payment rates

You are able to access competitive rates for accepting Visa, Mastercard and American Express payments.


Same day settlement

All transactions are settled daily, including transactions processed on weekends


Automatic Surcharging

Surcharges are auto-calculated for transactions, eliminating manual entry errors that eat into your bottom line.


Enhanced for efficiency

Purpose-built payment technology designed for facilitating efficient payments, with direct integration into mid-office systems.



Nuvei PAXA920

Our mobile EFTPOS machine that’s built to go wherever you do, and process payments anywhere you have phone reception.

Whether you’re on the move all day seeing clients, or you’re after a compact solution to stay at the counter, or you want the ability to process payments around your venue, the Nuvei PAXA920 terminal has you covered.

Perfect for trades & professional services.

Tap // Insert // Swipe



This mighty device is designed for those who stay in one place but want the flexibility of payments at the counter or around the store. With WiFi and 3G connectivity, the Move5000 really is a powerful all in one that can connect to a number of POS systems.

Perfect for retail & hospitality.

Swipe // Tap // Insert


To open and account with CVFR Payments or for more details please email to


Do I need to open a new bank account?

No. We accept accounts from any Australian financial institution.

Who can sign up?

Our payment solutions are available to everyone pending approval. We work with merchants across a range of industries and business types for card-present and card-not-present solutions.

How long does settlement take?

Settlement usually occurs the same day. In any instance where transactions cannot be settled same day, settlement will occur 1-2 business days after the transaction.

How long does set up take?

Once your application has been received we can have you set up in 1 business day for Virtual Terminal, and 7 business days for our EFTPOS Terminals.