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CVFR Travel Group is one of Australia's largest Travel Business Groups (Group turnover approx AUD$1 Billion) with our heritage stretching back over 35 years.

The company has four Independent business divisions of CVFR Travel Group:

CVFR Consolidation Services (CCS)

We offer travel agents market leading fares and ticketing technology solution for their business via our CVFR Consolidation Services (CCS) business which is one of Australia's largest Consolidators.

CVFR Consolidation consolidates for all airlines and has offices in all states of Australia. We appreciate you need a strong ticketing partner which can provide a high level of service and support. CVFR Consolidation offers agents a 24x7 Ticket Centre.

Airline Rep Services (ARS)

Airline Rep Services, is one of the leading Airline GSA representation companies in the region. With GSA offices and sales teams in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Auckland and Fiji the company’s single-minded focus is to increase the footprint of its airline partners in Australia, New Zealand and Southwest Pacific. With extensive aviation experience we can provide complete airline representation services or offer a boutique tailor-made approach to suit each airline’s needs.

Visa Rep Services (VRS)

We are the only travel group in the country offering an outsourcing solution for Governments Visa administration work via Visa Rep Services (VRS). We do outsourcing service for Government back office and admin and Visa processing work. Visa Rep Services currently has offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

CVFR Payments (CP)

CVFR Payments (CP) is an independent company of CVFR Travel Group. Launched in 2020, CVFR Payments is a one stop shop payments solution tailored for Retailers, SMEs and E-commerce platforms. Unlike standard providers, CVFR Payments offers a competitive flat rate when it comes to payments ensuring low payment expenses and the ability to effectively manage your costs.

Our solution will also give our valued customers an ability to earn rewards from every transaction to spend at Australia’s leading retailers or even reduce expenses.

CVFR Global Services

CVFR Global Services promotes and provides payment outsourcing and back-office solutions to companies and businesses in the Private and Government Sector.
CVFR Global Services bridges gaps, streamlines processes, and enables businesses to thrive by offering customised solutions across various sectors.

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CVFR Travel Group

Ram Chhabra

Group Chief Executive Officer

(Group CEO)

Nidhi Nijhawan

Group Chief Operating Officer

(Group COO)

Trent Signor

Group Chief Financial Officer

(Group CFO)

Lenny Padowitz

Special Projects Manager

Maria Kirkpatrick

Head of Marketing

Yang Yao

Head of Finance


CVFR  Consolidation Services

Vu Nguyen

National Ticket Centre Manager


Anoop Karnik

Business Analyst and Administration Manager



Airline Rep



Gabrielle Vicari

Vice President



Visa Rep



Natasha Dua

National Operations Manager






Sinumon Joy

National Sales Manager